How To Create A Professional Low Budget TV Commercial

You want to create a TV commercial for your company? Great! The idea is super nice, you have everything envisioned for your ideal commercial. Then you look at the production prices. You suddenly realize the prices are way out of your reach. However, you still want to do that TV commercial. What should you do now? In this video from Pegleg Media, you will learn the ins-and-outs of creating low-budget but still fairly professional TV commercials.

The example commercial from Pegleg Media was shot in less than an hour and was edited in only a few hours. How did they do this? The answer can be found in the key points:

1.    Creating a script. Be simple but effective with your script. Pegleg Media decided that with this commercial (for a blood-donating center) they would only use one actor and slow-paced shots. This simplifies the whole process for them, as getting multiple actors would require a lot more work, not to mention the increased costs.

2.    Record your voice over. Pegleg managed to find a local voice actor that was quick to work with, and efficient as well. 

3.    Record the video. It is recommended that you use few shots, a shallow depth of field, and slow motion. Pegleg used a Nikon D750 for this project, as well as several gears they already had such as a pocket jib and a slider for lots of movements in the video. 

By doing this method, you can virtually reduce all costs regarding the video to almost zero. Pegleg paid the voice actor in this project, but if you can find a voice talent by yourself you are ready to go. There are mentions of equipment that your company might not have yet, but at YCN Media, we provide rental services for all your filming equipment needs. Find out more about us here.

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