Coming Up with a Product Review

Every company out there is now aiming to video advertising. A great video review of a product is worth a thousand written reviews, but how do one come up with ideas on how to present a product concisely?

•    How long should a video be? For most people, the shorter the video, the better. A normal person’s reading speed is around 160-180 words per minute. In order to assure that your video will have an appropriate length, you should read your script out loud with a timer set aside. Reading aloud also helps you in finding unnatural words for spoken language to edit.

•    Keep it simple: When we speak, we tend to use much simpler and shorter words than what we write usually. By simplifying the language in your script, it is harder for you to go off the rails and your viewers can easily understand your review.

•    Using strong words: Not compulsory, but when you have limited words to say, you should leave a strong impression with the viewer as soon as possible. A word or phrase pointing to the viewers’ demographic directly works as well.

•    Creating opportunities: When ending your video, do not leave viewers hanging – give them an opportunity to engage in interaction with your company. It does not have to be an invitation or anything, just a link to your website and your logo work wonders. This is a way to ensure interaction between the viewer, the company and your video.

These are the basics in filming product reviews that you can memorize today to create a better script. However, if you think your skills and/or experience in creating a good script is lacking, come to YCN Media. We provide full support to create the best product reviews for you.  

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