Behind the scenes of filming a TV commercial at home 

Ever wondered how a TV commercial is made and whether or not you can replicate that in the comfort of your own home? Bad news: you cannot. Good news: you can create the same effects to some degree using utensils readily available in your kitchen. This video from Tarun Jha Photography shows exactly how you can do it at home. The object they are shooting is a bottle of perfume that they randomly acquired to demonstrate the method to viewers

You will need:
•    A tripod
•    Carton (to use as tabletop)
•    Kitchen Utensils (turntable/mirror base)
•    Flashlights
•    Color gel
•    A slider (of things you can smoothly drag your camera on)
•    A DSLR camera
•    Macro extension tubes
•    Laser pointer

Their process is painstakingly simple. By using flashlights and the color gel, they created a kind of colored lights useful for filming “dreamy” shots fitting for the perfume. The slider provided much needed stability for movement shots, which are crucial to shooting inanimate objects for a commercial. The turntable made from pots also contributed to the all-around angle shots. The end result, even without color grading and major editing work, looks wonderful and seemingly-professional for the equipments used.

Here at YCN Media, we are pleased to provide you with all your equipment needs for shooting these types of videos.


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